Our aim is to get the produce to you as close as possible to fresh picked – still containing plenty of vitality. Kevin's expertise at post harvest handling rapidly gave Pyramid the reputation for having the freshest and best quality produce. All orders are packed in the coolroom – never allowed to sit out. A constant temperature is maintained from the time the grower delivers it to us until it is loaded into air conditioned vans for delivery.

Ladye - "The beginning for me was eating at Chez Panisse in Berkely, Ca.  In the 70's (Alice Water's benchmark restaurant that championed local seasonal produce.
- The wonder of eating natural unadorned food - a slice of melon or a bit of spinach - that tasted exactly like what it was and still tasted like heaven.  And I noticed that you could not buy food in any of the supermarkets that tasted like the food at Chez Panisse and that no amount of sugar, salt, butter or sauces could make it taste like it either.
We knew that Alice Waters grew a lot of the food out in the back of the restaurant and it started me thinking.  And then I started a veggie garden.
Taste is still a major consideration in the food we select because, at the end of the day, no matter how pure or healthy food is, if it doesn't taste good, people won't eat it."

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