Our aim is to get the produce to you as close as possible to fresh picked – still containing plenty of vitality. Kevin's expertise at post harvest handling rapidly gave Pyramid the reputation for having the freshest and best quality produce. All orders are packed in the coolroom – never allowed to sit out. A constant temperature is maintained from the time the grower delivers it to us until it is loaded into air conditioned vans for delivery.

Kevin Berry entered the organic scene as a grower, becoming certified by BFA in 1991.
His produce was top quality but, being new to the game, found he had trouble marketing it.
Other growers were having the same problem and, at that time also, a large portion of organic produce was coming from interstate.
Kevin realized that, if organics were to prosper in South Australia,the local growers had to be supported and a better quality of produce had to be offered. He set up as a merchant rather than a commission agent, which means buying the produce outright and guaranteeing the grower an agreed price.
He started by representing a few local growers and has never looked back.
Pyramid was the first wholesaler to be certified in SA and now represents over 280 of the most brilliant and talented, hard working and good hearted growers in Australia.
Kevin has now returned to his first love – growing – starting up the Bar-None Vegetable Ranch as a division of Pyramid. The wholesale side is now run by Ladye Montgomery, Ros Stubing, and Peter Iacopi.
Pyramid is open for discount sales to the public in the Northern area on -Wed, Thurs, Fri. (pick up only)

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